• No UV Worries

    Shader Is made with premium grade, deep reflective material that blocks harmful UV rays.

  • 180° Coverage

    Adjust your Shader to suit your needs and adapt to the movements of the sun.

  • Ultra-comfort

    Simply fold the carry bag and place at the base of your shade for a comfortable headrest.

  • Lightweight

    Shader and its convenient carry bag are a light, portable solution to shade your face.

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Shader - FREE Shipping - Shader Australia

Embrace the Sun with Shader

Shader is the personal sun cover for everyone! Combining practicality, style and convenience, Shader is the only beach essential that you need to enjoy the sun...without the glare in your face!

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Shader - FREE Shipping - Shader Australia

Store Your Belongings

Keys, phone, wallet, sunglasses—no matter what essentials you need to carry, the Shader provides the perfect storage solution.

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The Shader Bundle - Shader Australia

The Ultimate Carry Bag and Pillow

The ultimate carry bag and pillow, turning into the Shader when you reach your beach destination.

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